10 Ways to Use Reiki Everyday

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Don’t you wish you could just do this in the middle of your office?

Frequently I come into contact with Reiki practitioners who have not ‘used’ Reiki in several years. Often times they think they have lost their Reiki channeling ability because they did not use it on themselves or other people. None of this is true! You never lose your ability to channel Reiki; once attuned always attuned! I decided to create a listing of 10 ways to use Reiki everyday. Anything can be healed, this applies to daily life scenarios and our daily interactions. Being mindful of Reiki as a way of life itself, rather than a task, will help you use it more often, and create the life you want.

1. Shield Yourself with Reiki

The world is a huge place, so before you step into it, it’s nice if you can put up a protective shield. You can think of this as an invisible layer of clothing protecting you from all the energetic debris flying around. I can be an emotional/psychic sponge at times, and find grounding to be something that I must ‘consciously’ to do. Not every Reiki Practitioner is sensitive to other’s emotions, baggage, etc. By sensitive I mean you may be more grounded and less likely to react from an emotional place. Shielding yourself can be incredibly beneficial for you to move through your day.

How to do this:

This is something great to do as soon as you wake up, you can even do this while still in bed hitting the snooze button on your alarm. Place your palms on yourself, one hand on your heart and one on your solar plexus (belly). Breath deeply and set an intention to protect yourself and invite in only positive energies. Make sure you use only positive reaffirming words, refrain from using phrases like, “I do not want any negative energies”. Begin to channel Reiki how you normally would, and imagine a sheer force-field around you. You can be as creative as you want in how this looks to you, I have visualized a box, a cone, a pyramid, a merkaba, and an egg. If you are attuned to any Reiki levels that use symbols, visualize or draw these in the air around you. You are now protected today!

2. Morning Energy

Maybe you are not a morning person, or maybe you had a late night? Whatever the culprit, sending yourself some energy boosting Reiki can work wonders and help you stay focused throughout your day. I like to visualize Reiki symbols during my morning yoga session when the yoga burn gets too intense and I want to give up.

How to do this:

You can follow the steps above and do this while in bed if you prefer, or standing, sitting, etc. Place your palms on yourself, one hand on your heart and one on your solar plexus (belly). Breath deeply and set an intention to feel awake, energized, and focused. Allow the Reiki to begin to flow, call in the Reiki symbol(s) for “Increased Energy”. When you feel the Reiki stop, tap your thymus gland gently 21 times, this is a few inches below your throat in center of your chest. This stimulates your immune system and your own Ki energy. While working out I like to visualize and call-in the Increase Energy when my body feels fatigued. This gives you something to focus on as well as the benefits of Reiki!

3. Reiki Your Food

Just like praying over your food, you can also send Reiki to your meal and get the most out of the nutrients in it. You can also protect yourself from what you do not want, like all of those added hormones, fillers, etc that seem to be commonplace in most foods in the U.S. (organic or not).

How to do this:

Personally, I pray before I eat, and then if I want to add Reiki, I hold my hands, palm-side down over my food and send Reiki. This does not have to be a long process, I have found that non-human things like food and plants tend to receive Reiki faster or perhaps it feels like the flow is a bit easier.

4. Reiki Your Vitamins, Supplements, and Medications

Just like above, you want to get the most out of the benefits of your vitamins, supplements, and medications if you must take them. I do not advocate for or against medicine, but do believe Reiki and medicine can coexist. I watch television and hear so many medicine commercials list a multitude of all the potential side effects. I can’t help but to think how terrible it is that some people have to take medicine for a chronic issue and are basically gambling with potential side effects. Reiki your medicine with the intent to receive the benefits and not the side effects.

How to do this:

Ground and center yourself with a few deep breaths. Set your intention to feel good and accept only the positive healing benefits of [insert pill here] with grace and ease. Visualize yourself feeling healthy & happy. Hold the bottle of pills in both your hands and begin channeling Reiki. You can use any or all of the symbols if you desire. You are now ready to take the [insert pill here], if you take with water, you can also Reiki your water. I use Reiki water for my plants and they grow and grow!

5. Reiki Your Transportation, Routes, and Parking

My daily ritual is to pray over my car, the people who will be near my car (this includes total strangers) and any passengers that may be riding with me. Living in the Los Angeles area, you can imagine my route to work can be quite traffic heavy. I have been pretty blessed with finding alternative routes, missing traffic patches, and being able to get over in my intended traffic lane when incorporating Reiki into my drive. This is also great when you are following directions to a new destination and are unsure of how to get there. You can do this for any mode of transportation, bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, airplanes, etc.

How to do this:

When driving I do not recommend going into any deeply relaxed states, just be calm, centered, and focused on the road ahead of you. If you are in traffic this can be quite fun and kill time. I like to see when I can place a Reiki symbol, for instance, on my steering wheel, my tires, I like to imagine my car has a huge Reiki symbol [of choice] floating above my car. I visualize all the traffic lanes having Reiki symbols painted on them in shimmery purple paint. Using Reiki while driving can also be used for protection, like in number 1, you can use a Reiki Shield on your car, since you are already holding the steering wheel you can easily send Reiki to your car this way. If on a plane, train, bus, etc you can simply place one hand on the wall and the other on your belly or lap and begin channeling.

6. Reiki Healing Box

This just has a great piece of karma attached to it. Anytime you channel Reiki, whether in person or via distance, you receive a Reiki healing session as well. I love that you can send Reiki at anytime to someone by placing them into your personal healing box. If you do not have one with during your day, you can use an envelope or just write their name on paper and send Reiki to them. I made a “on the go” reiki box out of an empty cardboard tea box and it works just fine.

How to do this:

Generally I write down the person’s full name and age if available, and what they need healing for. Place this into the healing box or palms of your hands and visualize your Reiki symbol for connection. If using a healing box, hold with one hand on top and the other on the bottom so your palms are touching it. When you feel the connection has been made, then begin channelling the Reiki and use your symbols if you feel they are needed. You can add anyone and anything to your healing box. I have one with a photo of earth, my work address, all of my co-workers, I also place online Reiki groups here as well, so many requests come in from different areas. I love doing this, you are channeling for so many, and still receiving. Reiki is a beautiful gift.

7. Reiki In the Workspace

Maybe you have a temperamental boss, a challenging co-worker, or a very chaotic office. First, see number 1 above, Shielding Yourself With Reiki, and then setup a wider Reiki box around you. As I said above in number six, you can use a on the go Reiki box, envelope, or piece of paper in your hand while at the office and place your co-worker(s) inside and Reiki, Reiki, Reiki. I also like to place shields around people to help calm them down and keep their negative energy away from myself and others.

How to do this:

The goal here is to find center in the middle of chaos. I strongly encourage taking some sort of break in your day and stepping outside into the fresh air if you can, even if only for a moment. If you cannot get away for a outdoor Reiki break, sit in your space, if this is a desk, office, cubicle, vehicle, or even standing if you have to. Since you are in a public setting, you can be discreet by placing one hand on your belly, and the other palm down on your thigh. Take in at least three deep breaths, close your eyes if you comfortable doing so. Gently focus the mind on ‘calmness’, and begin channeling. This session can literally last less than five minutes, but it is enough to give you a chance to catch your breath in the middle of a hectic day.

8. Electronics & Technology

Who would have thought an ancient healing modality could help out with our modern technologies? I have had to Reiki my computer, cell phone, and my car just to name a few. Reiki works great on inanimate objects, I guess this is because it does not have the emotional choice to refuse the energy.

How to do this:

You can Reiki anything! Above I mentioned the computer, your car, I did this the other day when I was running on empty and 2 gas stations were closed! — not at all common on my journey to work. I used Reiki to keep my car going and help me find an open gas station. Printers, iPods, iPads, televisions, you name it, you can Reiki it! 

9. Intense Meetings or Confrontations

These are never fun, but great learning opportunities can come from them. However in the moment of it’s occurrence, you would prefer not to be in the midst of any stormy characters. In addition to shielding yourself, sending some Reiki to the room you are in with the chaos would be great! I love to densely pack the room from corner to corner with loving Reiki energy. Sending Reiki to the throat chakra is helpful when having to speak or listen to someone you would rather not interact with. The Throat chakra is connected to the ears, and listening is just as important as speaking. If you are having a one-on-one conversation, sending Reiki between the two of you can be really sweet and keep you in a space of love.

How to do this:

Visualize the Reiki and your symbols in the room or space that you are confined to. Place Reiki symbols in each corner of the room, on the walls, floors, and ceiling. See the energy really pulsating and filling the room with positive energy. If someone is speaking and using language you are not please with, direct this Reiki to their throat chakra. In a one-on-one situation, visualize Reiki flowing and wrapping around you and the other person using the love/emotional connection symbol. Remember people are just spirits encased in flesh, just like you.

10. Relaxing & Sleeping

When the day is over and you want to relax or fall asleep you can do a full body self treatment or lay in bed with your hands on your heart and belly.

How to do this:

This is your time. Where ever you treat yourself to a Reiki healing session, do so undisturbed. If you are in bed, and your partner is next to you, make sure they understand and respect your Reiki time and to not disturb you. Start with centering yourself, prayer for protection, and your intention. Anytime I channel Reiki, I ask my angels & guides to be with me and protect me. If you will be falling asleep during or after your self treatment, I strongly recommend it, especially if you are sensitive to other worldly energies. Channeling is opening a doorway; always specify that you are channeling Reiki energy, and request your angels & guides. Channeling for yourself you can place your hands wherever you want, you head, your eyes, throat, breasts, sacral chakra area, etc. I enjoy falling asleep with both hands touching my stomach or heart. It is deeply relaxing and I wake up feeling refreshed.


Enjoy using Reiki everyday!



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